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Additive manufacturing automation via Script

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Additive manufacturing automation via Script


I would like some help in building a script to perform mesh slicing in the additive manufacturing module.

Can I perform the setup, add the desired 3D printer and perform the slicing generation via API?

I know it's not ideal, but if there is any way to do it with a text command, it would help.
I tried searching here on the forum or elsewhere but I couldn't find anything.


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Text commands are a very useful tool to interact directly with the Fusion 360 UI. However, in the Manufacture workspace, a lot of tools do not use the traditional commandDialogs that you can interact with using textCommands but rather external windows (like for choosing a machine for example). It might still be possible (maybe the machine you choose is remembered by setting it's id in the CommandInput) but you'll be on your own, ie throwing every textCommand under the sun at it and seeing what sticks.

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