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Addins installed but not working

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Addins installed but not working

 I never noticed the others, but I tried to install the soft jaw addin, it is listed with what looks like a wait icon, needless to say, none of the addins work, any suggestions? I can stop and start them, get a message that things were added to the menu and was successful, but it does not appear on the menu it should.



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in reply to: leversole

I have the same problem. Why isn't there any rely ? Please Help

For me the ParameterIO addin doent work!!!! Whats the meaning of the circular dots next to the name of addin?

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in reply to: Anonymous

The icon is meant to show that the particular add-in is currently running. User can stop any particular add-in from Script dialog by clicking on 'Stop' button. Add-in documentation should help to find out how to use that particular add-in. Hope it helps.

Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager
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in reply to: goyals

ohh i see

thank you much apreciated

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in reply to: goyals

i am facing the same problem. when i click run the running icon appears but nothing happens.

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in reply to: DOY0006

Hi @DOY0006 -San.


Most add-ins add a button somewhere in the menu.
We do not know which add-ins you are using, but each add-in probably has a description that tells you where the button will be added.

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