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Adding toolbar tab with own add in

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Adding toolbar tab with own add in

Hello All,


I want to add a new toolbar tab in the design workspace with python. 

I am able to do so with the example code: 


In this example they add the existing extrude command to the new toolbar tab. 

I want to add my own add-in to this new toolbar tab. I changed the code a little to insert my own add-in.

My add-in is show in the new toolbar tab, but it is not responding when clicking on it. 


Can somebody help me with this?


Thank you!

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in reply to: n.michiels

Hi @n.michiels .


The 'CSVBomAddInMenuEntry' command was not defined, so it did not even show up for me.


I used 'Extrude' instead and it did show up and I could press it.

        # For this example, we are adding the already exisiting own add-in command into a new panel:
        cmdDefinitions = ui.commandDefinitions
        # anotherExtrudeCmd = cmdDefinitions.itemById('CSVBomAddInMenuEntry')
        anotherExtrudeCmd = cmdDefinitions.itemById('Extrude')
        runningTabbedToolbar = ui.isTabbedToolbarUI


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