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Adding Motion Link to the Fusion 360 API

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Adding Motion Link to the Fusion 360 API



Motion Link for the Joint API is a great feature on Fusion 360. However, it is not available on the Fusion 360 Programming Interface. I understand that it may be tricky to make Motion Link available for the API, but I am wondering if there could be a simple method/property addition to the Joint-type classes, which gives information about the linked joint. This option, as it is, will also be extremely helpful.


For your reference, there is also a 4-year-old forum post asking the availability of Motion Link for joints on the Fusion 360 Programming Interface. 


Thank you!

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Fusion 360 Manage (not the same as) Fusion 360

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Plug-in developers like ProtoTech Solutions need an API for Motion Study in order to export PDFs with animated 3D objects. Please, Autodesk, help them out!

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