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Adding both Find In Browser + Find In Window to a menu causes one to disappear

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Adding both Find In Browser + Find In Window to a menu causes one to disappear

I wrote an extension to make it possible to assign shortcuts to a bunch of Fusion commands including Find In Browser. Recently a user asked me to add Find In Window, which I promptly added and tested the extension. Unfortunately once I add Find In Window to the panel, Find In Browser disappears!


This seems like a Fusion bug. To reproduce: install the addin from (note the "bug" branch), then note that in the Tools panel, in Shortcut It, Find In Browser is missing. Delete the line "('FindInWindow, './findinbrowser')," from the source file, reload the extension and Find In Browser will reappear.


It would be equally acceptable to me if Fusion had all of these things in a menu or otherwise possible to add shortcuts for without requiring an extension, but that's maybe too much to ask 🙂

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in reply to: jade.fink

I just clone bug repo from git but unable to see the problem. Please take a look at screenshot.

Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager
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in reply to: goyals

I have no idea how that could be happening, because it was happening on my two Windows machines. Maybe it's a Windows only bug? Not sure.


Either way, this is what I'm seeing on Windows 10. 

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