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Addin that can create panels from shape automatically?

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Addin that can create panels from shape automatically?

Hi everybody,


Does anyone know of an addin that can create boards out of a basic shape like JoinerCAD can with its skeleton modeling?


There's a video where they show it here.


Something like in the sketch below, a solid box is turned into panels. This is a great idea and much tedious work can be saved this way, when creating furniture. I would use JoinerCAD but it seems to be completely non-parametric which is a dealbreaker for me. I'd rather model myself and keep the furniture parametric. But it must be possible to have both 🙂 . (And I would be willing to pay for such an addin, for sure.)



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in reply to: tiktuk

Have you tried reaching out to the makers of JoinerCAD? If they have good reasons for not going the parametric route, I would like to know. If not, maybe it's worth a shot to develop.

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in reply to: mcd8604

Yes, I asked them. Just got the reply, they said they couldn't make it parametric before the new custom commands API arrives.

It should be possible to make it parametric enough to be useful even before that, though.

I'll happily test if you develop something 🙂 .

Would be useful for a lot of people, I imagine.

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