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Add in not showing up in list.

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Add in not showing up in list.

I am trying to add exact flat add in. 


I downloaded Exactflat Add in and it installed successfully from their installer. 

When I try to click the add in Drop box on the main screen, nothing shows up. 

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in reply to: henryzm

Should this be in the troubleshooting section?


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in reply to: henryzm

Hey henryzm,

Sorry for your trouble. If you don't get an answer here, you might want to ask Exact Flat about it.

Jonathan Odom
Community Manager + Content Creator
Oregon, USA

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in reply to: jodom4

I asked Exact Flat.

They even gave me a contact at Autodesk to resolve the problem two days ago.
I sent 2 emails. No response.

EF will try to talk to Autodesk also they said.

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in reply to: henryzm

I just tried installing ExactFlats add-in and I am able to see it in the Add-in list. Please check this location C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins to see whether you can find ExactFlatOnline.bundle there or not.

Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager
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in reply to: henryzm

Sorry about that, given that we're close to the holidays it's possible that that person is taking a vacation. Have you tried @goyals' solution?

Jonathan Odom
Community Manager + Content Creator
Oregon, USA

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in reply to: henryzm

EF got back to me and offered some help. 


The Autodesk rep also send me a new link for the Add in. 

This new link works and shows up on my screen. 


Will send some updates on the process. 


So far so good. 

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in reply to: henryzm

Addressing the Installation or Missing Add-in Issues with the ExactFlat Publisher Plugin on MacOS.*

We've observed that in some cases the ExactFlat Publisher Plugin for Fusion 360 does not
install properly.  This appears to be due to different combinations of user permissions and/or hardware configurations which cannot be detected by the installer.

We will continue to work with Autodesk to try to address this.  The current workaround
to get the Plugin working is as follows:

 1. Contact the team at Exactflat via the Support Ticket Feature found
 in the help menus of the ExactFlat Online application or by sending email

2. Share your installation example and environment (Computer type and
MacOS version) with the team and request access to the ExactFlat Plugin Bundle.

3. Download and install the package file provided in the Bundle to your Mac.


4. Install the plugin file ( manually in the Fusion 360 "ApplicationPlugins" folder:



Thanks to the users who have helped us identify this problem and develop the work around. 

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