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Add-In files lost

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Add-In files lost

I have developed an add-in for several months on my windows laptop and I stored it under the default `Autodesk Fusion 360/API/` directory. And I stopped my work about 10 days. However, Fusion360 can not open my add-in when I want to edit it today. The terrible thing happened, I lost all my add-in files(in python).


However, the directory structure is intact. I don't think I delete all the files by accident because another add-in I download from github within `Autodesk Fusion 360/API/` also be deleted all the files but remained the directories.


One thing to be noticed is that, I logged in my account at another Mac to do something with Fusion360 several days ago. Does this cause Fusion to clear the files?

Is there any way to get my files back?

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Fusion should never delete any files in the %AppData%\Roaming\Autodesk\Autodesk Fusion 360\API\Scripts. The files in the CPP and Python folders will be automatically updated when a new version is installed, but the AddIns and Scripts folders should never be touched, even if you uninstall Fusion. I don't remember hearing this reported by anyone else either. I know the sick feeling when you lose work, but I don't think Fusion is to blame in this case.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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in reply to: NuofanQiu

Thank you for your reply. The worst thing for me is not the losing files but knowing nothing about what happened. Your answer gives me a hint for figuring out what happened. Thanks!

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