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Activate a folder in the CAM environment

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Activate a folder in the CAM environment



I am really struggling with the lack of functionality of the CAM API.


I have created a library inside of Fusion with several projects that have different geometries and CAM Setups saved inside of them. I have been able to open these documents and import in the CAD models easily, but have been unable to grab objects from the CAM environment. 


I have tried to save the CAM setups as Templates and then import them into the new project with some success, but I need to import the templates into a specific folder in the new projects new setup, and I do not see any functionality to activate a folder to do this. 


cam.setups.item(0).folders.item(0).isSelected = True


This does not work as the 'isSelected' property appears to be read only.


I have also tried to open the template document and using text commands, have been able to copy the entire Setup, including folders and toolpaths. However when I navigate over to the new project, I have no way of selecting the RootSetup so that I could use a text command to paste the copied Template.



# Targets and copies the first setup in the template document
template =,False).products.itemByProductType('CAMProductType')
templateCam =
app.executeTextCommand('Commands.Start IronCopy')

# Reactivate the CAM enviroment in new document,True).activate()
camProduct = app.activeDocument.products.itemByProductType('CAMProductType')
cam =
setups = cam.setups

# Trying to paste to copied Setup but 'cam.setups'
# does not target the setups  object in the ui and thus
# the paste does nothing.
app.executeTextCommand('Commands.Start IronPasteCommand')




are there any text commands to select items in the UI? like the image below



Lastly I tried to use the API and text commands to create a new setup from scratch, but I still ran into the problem where I could not target a newly created folder. I used the text command:


app.executeTextCommand('Commands.Start IronFolder')


to create a new folder but the new folder is not the active object, and so when I create or insert toolpaths using templates, the instead fall under the Setup on the same level as the Folder, and I instead need them inside the folder.



Thanks in advance for any insight.

Kind regards,







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in reply to: Joshua.mursic

Hi @Joshua.mursic .


You can choose to use "ONK" as described here. 

Can't you select it this way?

# Fusion360API Python script

import traceback
import adsk.fusion
import adsk.core
from urllib.parse import quote

def run(context):
    ui = None
        app = adsk.core.Application.get()
        ui = app.userInterface
        doc = app.activeDocument
        # products = doc.products
        # cam ="CAMProductType"))

        # ObjectPaths.Onk
        onk = u'ONK::CmpInst={}/Cmp={}/{}/'.format(


        # select setups
        app.executeTextCommand(u'Commands.Select {}'.format(onk))

        if ui:


To check the "ONK", select the element to be checked in advance and use this command from the add-in I have created and published, which will be output to a text command window. 


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in reply to: kandennti

Amazing! Thank you so much @kandennti, I have learned so much from your posts. That is working perfectly.

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