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Re: Attribute text not displaying
12-27-2012 10:44 PM in reply to: LisaDrago



>> It is a block and the text is an attribute - but it is exploded

That might be the source of the problem as some people try to use attribute-definitions to place text within a drawing. The bad thing is that it works, they can start ATTDEF, and write the text .... but this written text is then the name of the attribute-definition.

As long as you leave the object like it is it looks like a text-info, but (and now the bad way starts) don't use this drawing with that attribute-definitions within any other drawing. In case of e.g. _INSERT this drawing into anohter one the attribute-definitions are part of the inserted block, but then they show up the values of the attribute ==> and the values are empty, the name of the attribute is not any more written down like a text. (hope that is clear described).


Either you have a tool that converts attribute-definitions to text-objects or you don't insert this drawing into any other one .... or you tell the guy who used attribute-definitions instead of text that he/she has to repair that.


HTH, - alfred -

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