Re: Network License Manager ACAD2000i
09-15-2000 11:06 AM in reply to: *Specking, Ralph
Unless I misunderstood, it can't be done. We had to uninstall all our seats
when we went to ADLM. Or just install the ADLM and switch people over as you
buy new licenses.

James Wedding, E.I.T.
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"Ralph Specking" wrote in message
> A customer of us has some ACAD 2000i Workstations in Single License Mode
> in use.
> Now he wants to upgrade to Network License Manager.
> Does anybody know, how to change these installation to ADLM WITHOUT
> deinstalling the existing machines???
> Thanks for help
> Ralph Specking,
> CAD-Praxis GmbH
> Germany 42527 Juelich
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