Navisworks 2013 Dropouts
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06-12-2013 07:54 AM

I have a NVIDIA Quadro K4000 that I’m running and I’ve updated all of my drivers and also applied SP2. To try to fix a problem that I’m having with excessive dropout of objects in the distance. I’m also noticing a lot of glitching while walking on all of my nwd. files. I’ve already tested my nwd. files on our other

two machines that are running Navisworks Manage 2013 and they experience very little if any Dropout on their machines, but they are running a NVIDIA Quadro 4000 where I’m running the K4000. Their machines also have 12 GB’s of ram where my machine has 32 GB’s and I have an available 563 GB's free on my drive. Please help!


Thank you,