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FDS NLM license error [-15.570]
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04-07-2013 08:37 AM



i recently reinstalled FDS PRM eng as I did install it as single user before by mistake.

I only installed 3DS for now as this is my main application.
It is installed on Windows 8 Pro 64Bit.

All software is installed on the same machine- license manager and 3DS.


I'm owning a german NLM but was told that I could use it with the english version as well.


So far so good- I installed LMTools and followed an instruction to generate the LIC file.

When starting 3DS a window pops up asking for license server name / license file location.

Server name ist not found and after directing to the file's location I get the "cannot obtain license" error [-15.570.0] and "software license check out failed error 20".

I tried Travis' solution changing the hosts file and disabling IPV6- without success.


I tried shutting down the third-party firewall and adding a TCP port exception range 2000-27009 in windows firewall...

Pinging my PC's name works fine (no surprise Smiley Wink but therefor the name in the lic file is correct)


So one reason could be it's just not accepting my license (but then the error would probably different)  or there's a connection error somehow somewhere..


So far I got nowhere yet- and any help is greatly appreciated.. Smiley Wink