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Re: Cannot configure MEP & Architecture 2012 to see license server
10-17-2012 05:16 AM in reply to: briancahillkk

Hi Brian,


If you are getting the activation request while launching the product it means that the installation is for a standalone license. There should be something wrong either on the image you created or the image you used was from a system with a standalone installation.
It is true that the supported solution to switch from a standalone to a network is to reinstall the software. Note: you can also create an administrative image (deployment) on a network share and automatically install all the clients from that share.
If you would like to try a solution to avoid reinstallation, there is a post on our blog for 2013 versions but I cannot guarantee it would work on 2012. As said, the recommended solution is to reinstall.

AutoCAD Family 2013: Hacking the registry to change the license from Standalone to Network

Giancarlo Molo

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