Re: Error 1304 or 2350 When Creating a Deployment for Autodesk 2011 Products
08-09-2012 01:26 PM in reply to: TravisNave

Thank U, that's exactly the point. I've done a bit of development myself and there is no reason that anyone would need filenames 70 - 90 characters long. They know this is an issue so for well now since 2009 for sure from my personal experience. And of course if doesn't error out until it reaches that file, like give me a break, do a check sum on the file path names before actually installing or even simpler yet shorten the filenames. I spent way too many hours have to rebuild packages because Autodesk shear laziness. This maybe would have been acceptable for a version, I get that programmers mess up but 5 years in a row.


Thanks, Grant


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