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New Network License Server
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07-05-2011 08:57 PM



I am in the process of switching over from stand alone licensing to concurrent network licensing.


  • I have created a new Server using Windows 2003 Server Standard x86
  • I have installed the AutoCAD 2012 Network License Manager
  • I then got my licenses from the registeronce.autodesk.com website (we have 4 licenses so I had to combine the files using the instructions I found)
  • I then created a basic deployment for a test pointing it to my license server and installed it on a pc to trial.


Ok, so my issue is this.


When I open AutoCAD 2012 I get the following error.


"A valid license could not be obtained by the network license manager"


Error 0.0.0


after a bit of searching, I found it can be caused by incorrect date/time so I made sure thats correct (they all sync from same NTP server so its not that)


I can ping the new license server and for a test, If I shutdown the license server and open AutoCAD I get a different error


"Your application was not able to obtain a license because the FlexNet license server manager could not determine where to find the licesning data it need. Please choose one of the following"

  • Specify the License Server
  • Specify the license file

This tells me there is definetly some communication to the license server


So my next step I thought It had to do with my license, so I redownloaded one single license out of the 4 and tried that license file, same issue.


When I run the server diagnostics It tells me how many licenses are avaible and how many are free (all of them)


I have also made sure there is no firewall at all between my test pc and server.


This is my first time using this ADFlex license server so I am sure the issue will probably be minor but I a stuck where to go next.


Any help much appreciated.