*Anderson, Kenneth
AdLM not working in A2K?
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01-06-2000 12:12 PM
3 days now, and my dealer has yet to call me back.

AdLM on NT 4sp3 server with
A2K 2 seat lisc.
using static IP addresses on all clients and servers.

Single server image used for Client deployment installation used on both
NT 4 sp3 workstation and a 95 client

TCP/IP protocol
ACADSERVER environmental variable set on clients and server (probably dont
need it on the server)
pinged server host name and clients name OK from both ends. (and addresses
as well)

A2K installs and starts on clients fine, but doesn't seem to obtain
liscencing info,
The clients bring up the Authorization Wizard on A2K startup, and of course
the AdLM on the server doesn't report any use of the 2 lisc.

My question is:
Does the AdLM need to be installed on a server drive that can be accessed
by the clients? It shouldn't matter right.
I installed it on C: on the server, but this partition cannot be accessed
on the network by the clients. Does this matter? I would think not. (of
course the installation image on the server is on a different partition so
that the clients can see and use it)

Also, it is only the TCP/IP protocol from Control Panel/Network/protocols
that must be installed for MS Networking, not the simple TCP/IP services, I
dont need the client programs for simple TCP/IP services from the Control
panel/Network/services installed on the clients or server. Isn't that

I know that the AdLM does not need to be installed on the client.

so what is next? what am I missing here?
is there some setting that tells AutoCAD that it needs to look for
do they need to be in the same domain, no, that is an MS networking thing?

I am pretty sure that they are all on the same subnet?
I would check that by looking at Control Panel/Network/protocols/TCP/IP
Protocol/IP Address/Subnet Mask,
and making sure that those numbers match. on all machines...

On the 95 client, does the primary network logon need to be set to
something other than Novell IntranetWare Client? (I dont believe that
there is a setting for this in NT) You see, we are actually a Novell shop
here, but I have my own NT server set up for the CAD department. That
wouldn't matter, would it? I dont use the Novell client32 on some of my NT
workstations, only the Microsoft support for network clients, but that
doesn't matter cause we are talking tcp/ip here, right? I dont want to use
the IPX stuff, cause I cannot manage it, Our IT department wont give me
Admin privileges, and I hate the scripts that they run, so I have to do my
own thing and avoid IPX as much as I can. So, I have no privileges for the
Novell side! I network administer my CAD stuff only from the NT world.
Even my plotters are setup for tcp/ip printing. I try to stay as far away
from Novell as I can, I only use it for file and print services on devices
that they wont let me manage.

I have wasted hours on this, my dealer has never dealt with the AdLM (it is
no wonder that they haven't called me back) I never rely on them anyway,
they are only sales people!

What can I try next?
I am stuck. I have been through the installation guide over and over,
searched AutoDESK Technical Solutions, and have no where else to turn.
Help please
this is my last resort before having to deal with a dealer acting as a
middleman, that knows very little about networking or AutoCAD for that
matter. I have some questions, and I am not willing to get answers from
someone that doesn't know what they are talking about.