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Formit Pro Trial preventing Activation

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06-13-2016 09:30 AM



My company purchased me a license of Formit Pro. I previously had a 30 day trial. I uninstalled the Windows Formit Pro trial. After I reinstalled I was asked to log in to verfiy my license. Then it said my trial had expired and I don't have a license (but I do). Any ideas how I activate this license?

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Re: Formit Pro Trial preventing Activation

06-13-2016 11:33 AM in reply to: jpolding

Hello! Thank you for posting.

Is it possible that the FormIt Pro license is associated with your company's A360 account management and is not assigned to you personally yet?

You can check if you have the FormIt Pro subscription associated with your A360 ID here:


If it looks like you have the subscription, but it's still not working - here's an idea to try:

Remove the FormIt entry in your registry and run FormIt again. Here's how to do this:


- Go to Windows start bar and search for 'regedit' - run command

- Find the FormIt folder by going to: 



  - Autodesk

  - FormIt 360

- Delete this FormIt 360 folder (by right clicking it and choosing delete)

- Now restart FormIt - you will need to log-in and it should re-check your current license credentials.


Deleting the registry is annoying, but relatively harmless - the only data you could lose is your custom keyboard shortcuts (which can be exported before clearing out the registry) and your content library locations (which shouldn't be too painful to remap).


Thanks - I hope one of these solutions helps!




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Re: Formit Pro Trial preventing Activation

06-13-2016 11:42 AM in reply to: tobias.hathorn

Thanks for the reply. Our account manager says that Formit Pro is not listed when trying to grant access to my username (even though it says we have 10 seats). Someone from my office thinks Autodesk hasn't updated our list of software maybe...

I tired the regedit to no avail.

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Re: Formit Pro Trial preventing Activation

06-13-2016 01:22 PM in reply to: jpolding

OK Sorry you had to lose your registry settings and it didn't help - but at least we know it's an account issue, not a system or software bug!


I don't know what's the best way to resolve this issue unfortunately. We could wait 24 hours to see if something processes. I'll send you a direct message too so you can email me directly.

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Re: Formit Pro Trial preventing Activation

06-14-2016 07:22 AM in reply to: tobias.hathorn

Looks like we just had to wait for Autodesk to update our account. My software coordinator was able to assign me a license and I'm to connect Dynamo! Thanks for your quick response to help.

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