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Zoom functionality

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Zoom functionality

Is there a plan to add zoom functionality to Forma (similar to ctrl+MMB in Revit)?

I'm unable to use a mouse and therefore don't have access to a scroll wheel, which is making zooming in Forma awkward.

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Hi Chris and thank you for your question.

You have the option to zoom in/out by using the trackpad by simply pinch with two fingers. Remember you can also easily orbit and pan by using the trackpad as well so in many use-cases you are not dependent on a mouse at all. 


We have currently no plans for adding a zoom functionality by using ctrl+MMB in Forma.




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in reply to: ChrisOsborne

Thanks for the feedback, but I don't use a trackpad (or a touchscreen) as I work with a desktop PC.
I use a Wacom tablet (in conjunction with a Spacemouse) which works well in Revit. With Forma, I'm limited to being able to orbit and pan with the button on the pen, but there's no simple way to zoom.


Since pan and orbit are supported with keyboard modifiers, is there a reason that zoom isn't?

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I am unfamiliar with what the crtl+MMB action does in Revit but there is zoom functionality available in Forma that might get you closer to what you would like to do. And that is the possibility to use the "Zoom to fit proposal" or cmd+F or crtl+F on your keyboard. This will then zoom in on the object that you have selected. If you haven't selected anything it will zoom out to see your whole model.


Hope this helps while we look into more ways of zooming 🙂  



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Hi again @ChrisOsborne ! I hope the tip from my colleague helped you with the "zoom to fit selected element" but I understand if it does not completely solve your user-need. We are currently working on making viewing interaction more consistent across the application, and I will bring up your case in this discussion. I will let you know if there is any update on this.



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in reply to: ChrisOsborne

Thanks for the tips. I'd expect that most users are able to use a mouse or a trackpad so this may be a niche issue, but I hope that you consider accessibility issues as you develop the product.


It would also be beneficial to provide support for 3DConnexion products (such as Spacemouse), similar to other web based CAD products. It's a very useful piece of hardware for working in Revit, although it doesn't work perfectly.

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Hi! I can imagine the 3DConnexion is a very useful hardware and thanks for raising the awareness of this! I will bring it up in our discussions as we move forward.

Have a nice day!


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