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Wish List Items

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Wish List Items

I've been testing and exploring Forma for a few months and have introduced it to a few folks at our firm.  These are some of my Wish List items.  Please let me know if they exist and I've just missed them!


Make Floor Plan Sketch Settings 'Sticky'

There are a few settings in floor plan sketch mode that I would like to stick when they're set.


Grid Size - I need to resize it every time I go back into sketch mode which is frustrating.  I would like to set it once and whenever I come back to it, it's what I set it to the last time.  If this can happen across sessions and projects, even better.

North Up - When I start the floor plan sketch tool, it always orients north down which I can't imagine why that would be.  I've sketched on the wrong side of a building many times because I've forgotten is starts with South up.



Private Garage Parking Designation

We do exclusively Multi-Family work and design tuck-under, private garages in our medium density product quite a lot.  It would be nice to be able to designate those in such a way so they'll show up in the parking metrics.


Parking Tool

I don't know if it's just me, but I can't enter values directly into the built in parking tool.  I have to use the sliders which would be OK if the values updated in real time.  They don't update until I let go of the slider.

It's been stated in another post that having the ability to turn the parking aisles would be a great benefit as well as being able to designate 'No Parking' zones and ability to deal with multi-level parking (i.e. ramps).





Offset - The ability to simply offset would be extremely helpful during any sketching process whether it's picking lines or as you draw.  Thinking mostly of constraints where you might have varying setbacks within a site, but also in floor plan sketching.  There is the offset feature when you're editing a face which is a start.  But being able to do that right off the bat would be nice.


Edit:  Added link to referenced post


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Hi and thank you for sharing your wish list!

  • Make settings sticky | Yes, we should make these settings more persistent and it has been mentioned by others as well. We will take a stab on it and see if we can do an easy fix to it
  • Parking designation | We currently only support manual sketching of parking spots as units. Unfortunately, we don't have a feature to map these as actual parking spots yet but feedback noted
  • Parking tool | Strange that you are not able to enter the values directly. Do you experience this behaviour in other parts of the product as well? If you would like to add "no parking are", you can draw a separate unit for this area, and remove "parking" for this unit.
  • Offset | Yes! This would be useful but not sure when we will have it available in the product.

Thanks again for your input. 


Have a nice day.




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Thank you so much for the feedback - this is extremely valuable and we really appreciate your input! 


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Thanks for the response.  To answer your question about editing the values directly in the parking tool - No.  I don't experience this in other parts of the product which is why it's so strange.  When I direct-edit, the slider jumps left and I end up with some crazy value.  See screen shots below.  In case it helps, I'm on Windows 11 using the Chrome browser.



Before editing anything


Direct input to the Width value (note the slider has jumped to the left)


After hitting enter.

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@arne.bjelland wrote:
  • Parking tool | Strange that you are not able to enter the values directly. Do you experience this behaviour in other parts of the product as well? If you would like to add "no parking are", you can draw a separate unit for this area, and remove "parking" for this unit.




Yes.  I've used this method but it's tricky and can give weird results due to the AI putting parking spots in weird places. You have to mess with it a bit to get what you are looking to achieve.  Screenshots below.



The highlighted spot is obviously not desirable and I would want the parking to go to the right edge of that 'no park' zone.



Here it is after fiddling with the geometry a bit and leaving the area open.  It works also if I close the 'no park' area but with more fiddling.


Again, appreciate the responses! 

Edit: spelling

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Thanks for clarifying and it would be great to improve the process of defining areas of non-parking spaces as it is a lot of fiddling as you mentioned.


As for the issue you observed with the input fields for the parking parameters, it has now been fixed. Thank you for letting us know!


Have a nice day.



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Hi again @RevitJediMaster and happy to mention that one of your wish list items have been checked off!

We have now improved the grid functionality so the grid and camera view orientation will persist for individual buildings. Please read more about the update here: link

Have a nice day!


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