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Wind analysis stuck

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Wind analysis stuck



I run a wind analysis, on a complex of buildings. Estimated was 70minutes, now I see it got stuck at 5minutes remaining.


Anyone else encountered this?


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Ok, it took 4 hours instead of 1 on a obj mesh with 34536 vertices, 14306 faces. But it worked.

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Happy it worked out - even though it took quite the time! Sometimes this can happen is the area is very large. Recommend testing the rapid wind analysis - this allows you to get an approximate analysis in much shorter time - so that you can do the longer analysis for when you really need to verify. 


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@Bogdan_Chipara  - check out this video we just posted on youtube about the rapid wind analysis!

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Yes, well when it aproximated 1hr at the beginning I actually believed it. Indeed the area was large 19 hectares, tall towers, etc.

The thing with Rapid wind analysis in the design tab, is that I cannot increase the radius...

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I am one of the engineers responsible for the wind analysis. I am sorry to hear that the time estimate was quite off. Is this the first time you run a wind analysis on that project? The first time estimate on a project will usually be less precise than subsequent ones. The reason is that subsequent estimates take into account the runtime of all the wind analysis that have been done on the project. Hopefully our next estimates on the project will be better.

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Yeah, well... even if it took some time it is still quite impressive, also to see how the wind flows.

Maybe in the future the wind diagram will mark the facades also, no only the ground.

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