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wind analysis circle

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wind analysis circle

Dear everyone,


Since the classic version sadly is about to run out, Im now looking into the standard version. 

When analyzing the wind, I cant find out where I can edit the size of the circle. With bigger projects, the small analysis area is pretty useless. Also the detailed Wind analysis doesnt work for some reason.
Best, David

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Hi David, 


If I can look at your project, I can see if I can help you figure out why it is failing. If so, please send me the URL for your project in a DM.


Regarding the size of the wind circle, it is not possible to increase the size at the moment in standard. I will note down the request for further consideration.


Kind regards, Per 

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in reply to: dgotheMNYH3

The detailed wind analysis did work in the end. I just checked the Classic version again and there you could use a wind analysis circle with a radius of 350m compared to only 150m in standard, which made it alot more useful, since microclimate is also depended on wind analysis. thanks for the consideration, david

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Hi Per,


Same for us please.

Would be great to be able to increase the circle for the analysis.

For example, the contest area did not fit inside one circle, so one had to make at least 3 up to 5(?) analysis to cover the full project area, which is a <badword> ‌‌to analyse/compare.


Greatings from The Netherlands o/


Antonio C.

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Hi Antonio,


Thank you for the input. I will note it down.


Kind regards, Per

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in reply to: dgotheMNYH3

i actually posted this very same topic in another forum thread. Spacemaker in its previous incarnation had more capability in this aspect. Small round wind and thermal comfort study areas dont work. Having to generate many of these circles to get an overview for a large masterplan defeats the purpose of these environmental tools. Sadly i feel that the previous versions offered more than the current one. Hope you can remedy this is future updates of Forma. 


Also the detailed summary ouputs (% of different categories) of the environmental tools have been lost in the latest version. Again, for me its a step back rather than forward with regards the functionality as an urban designer.

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Pleasantly surprised with the update (around October 20) that the analysis circles can now be set from 150 to 350 meters, that the roofs are now also included in the calculation (for roof terraces, etc.) ...


...and a number of performance updates.

Keep up the good work! 😊👍


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Thank you! 🙂 

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is it possible to change the position of the circle, irrespectively from the size? My project area is short and long, meaning it does not fit a circle centered in the middle

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Yes, the "Custom circle" can be re-positioned and re-sized (150 up to 350 meter) as desired.

AntonioCampanario_0-1704709245274.png  AntonioCampanario_1-1704709287902.png


The issue with the size of the circle was already posted on the forum by multiple users, hopefully Autodesk is working on it behind the scenes *fingers crossed*.

The current workaround to fit a bigger project into a smaller analysis circle, to run multiple analysis with "Custom circles" until your complete project was analysed.


For example (150-300m circle):

if the maximum "Site limit circle" is to small for the project ...


.. you can only run overlapping anaysis using the "Custom circle" to fit and analyse the entire project.



Then you can (somehow) combine the findings and images into one report (which can be a p.i.t.a.)

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