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wind analysis- change the season

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wind analysis- change the season


I was wondering if it would be possible to have the wind season option added to the wind analysis panel in the future, similar to what the help document(classic project) shows. If that's not feasible, do you have any suggestions on how to interpret the wind analysis results between summer and winter?  



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Hello! Thank you for reaching out.


In classic, the wind rose is using different data sources. One of them : Global Wind Atlas, doesn’t give us temporal details allowing us to create a seasonal wind rose. We also had, in some specific countries, some local data providers that could give us more detailed data, allowing us to provide seasonal wind roses as you experienced.

In Forma, we are for now only using Global Wind Atlas, which doesn’t allow us to get access to that information.


First of all I am taking note of your need and will follow this feature request to our internal system.


On an other note, keep in mind that the results of the wind analysis on your site, given a selected wind direction and wind speed, does not depend on the weather data. This means that you can search for local seasonal wind trends and select the appropriate direction as well as wind speed, and visualise the resulting analysis.


Let me know if you need any additional help!

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