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What is the Importance of Site Constraints?

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What is the Importance of Site Constraints?

I deleted the site constraint and re-analyzed my building in win and sun hours categories. I received the same result so my question is what is the purpose of creating site constrain? 

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Good questions. Constraints are being used to define the maximum space which is allowed to build within and is often something that is specified in the local zoning regulations (see link). So it is not something psychical that is built but rather a limit that you have defined. This is why the analysis such as sun or daylight do not take constraints into account. 


Hope that helps!





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Thank you for your response, however my question remains unanswered. Why should I create the site Constraints in the first place? How does it affect or improve my design process?

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Thank you for your followup question.

With Constraints you are able to manually define the maximum space which is allowed to build within the plot and therefore it can potentially guide you if your designed proposal is within or outside this space while you are designing.


So if you want to check if your proposal is within a regulation or not, you can toggle on Constraints and see if any geometry is outside the manually defined constraint volume. Potentially this will impact your design decisions. 


You mentioned in the  original post that the analysis was not affected by removing the constraints. Do I understand you correctly that you expected the analysis to have different results with and without the constraints?






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