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what is spacemaker used for?

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what is spacemaker used for?

Hey, I am Vikrant from Dhanwant Metal CorporationI just want to know what is spacemaker and what is it use for? 

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Hi Vikram! 

The use cases we see as the most common among our users (who tend to be architects, designers, real estate developers, engineers etc.) is to understand the potential of a site in terms of buildable area, sun/wind conditions, noise conditions, out door area qualities and 100+ other data points and analysis. Spacemaker is also used to evaluate and compare different design concepts, in architect competitions, to collaborate and by municipalities in city planning.  The aim is to enable all stakeholders in the early phase to work in a more iterative
and data driven manner. So they in turn can design better cities:)

Hope that made sense! 

Maybe there are some users seeing this that could share their point of view too?

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