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Visualising and scheduling apartment types / unit mix

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Visualising and scheduling apartment types / unit mix

Currently it only appears possible to visualise the units based on their area, which in some instances would be useful to differentiate between 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments, however it doesn't allow to differentiate from different types of ownership/tenure. 


We often deliver projects with mix ownership for example social-housing and  private rental. It's necessary to differential between the two in our analysis. 

We need to ability to define different unit types so that they can be allocated to specific units. This will allow a more detailed analysis of mix to be undertaken and to be visualised.  These may be things like


  • Private Rental 2 bed single aspect
  • Social-housing 3 bed dual aspect
  • Private Rental 3 bed duplex
  • Economy/Standard/Premium Student Apartment/Suite


I would expect this allocation to occur within the floor plan area, and the ability to save these to the library. 


From a visualisation perspective, I want to be able to define the colours for these units so that they can be visualised in canvas and a schedule be exportable from the proposal. 


When I export to Revit, I would expect these units types to be identifiable. 


Adding these features would enable Forma to be utilised more intelligently for space planning from the outset of a project. 

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Thanks again for your question!

We are currently working on enabling most of what you are describing and hopefully you will see that we will gradually will support this. 


Would you be interested in having a zoom-meeting with our team working on this functionality where we could show you our current prototype? We would at least love feedback on what we are currently working on!




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Definitely, please send me through some times and we'll see what we can manage. 



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Hi Kevin!

Sorry for the late response, but we really appreciate that you would like to give us additional feedback on area metrics.


Could you please try using the following link to see if any of the available times fit your calendar:


Have a nice day!

Arne Bjelland

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Hi Arne, 

I'm getting a Bad Request code for that link. 



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Visualising and scheduling apartment types can significantly streamline the process of property management and enhance the overall experience for both tenants and property managers, especially in the diverse landscape of apartment buildings in NYC. By creating clear visual representations of different apartment types within these buildings, potential renters can easily understand the layout and features of each unit, helping them make informed decisions. Incorporating visualisation and scheduling tools into apartment management processes can lead to greater efficiency, improved communication, and ultimately, more satisfied tenants in the varied types of apartment buildings in nyc. Additionally, having a scheduling system in place allows for efficient management of apartment viewings, minimizing wait times and maximizing convenience for all parties involved.

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