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Visibility analysis ?

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Visibility analysis ?

If i remember correctly there was a Visibility Analysis in Spacemaker, which I cannot find in Forma.

What happened?

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Hi, and thanks for reaching out! 
We do not yet have this functionality in Autodesk Forma, but we will be looking into bringing it back soon. We are working on adding more capabilities in different ways every day and will introduce more of the Spacemaker features over the coming weeks and months. 

To help us get a better understanding of your needs, are you mainly missing the View to area or View distance capabilities? In what context and projects are these useful for you?


Hilde Bakkeli
Product Manager
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Good to know that's still on the least.

Visibility is interesting to see for apartment buildings where vews can impact price, especially when they are between other buildings that can obstruct the view.


Maybe introduce it with a different gradient? Sun exposure is yellow-red, Daylight is Blue-Cyan and views cold be Magenta something? To avoid confusion in documents.

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Yes, it is still on our list to add to the product! Thanks for the input, we will keep that in mind.

Hilde Bakkeli
Product Manager
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With Specemaker going over to Autodesk- why am I seeing key features removed? Analytical data is no longer available. Why progress backward with an already functional product. Forma, as is, is unusable. 

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For our company both would be welcome.


For these studies, we must determine in general terms, for new high-rise buildings, to what extent the view of existing buildings is obstructed. We could use the "view distance" for this.

In specific cases it may happen that there is a POI (point of interest) such as parks, waterways, monumental buildings, etc. nearby. In these cases we will want to use the "view to area".

If I'm not mistaken, both analysis options were available in Spacemaker. Hopefully you can bring both back into Forma.


*fingers crossed*  🤓🤞

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We understand your concern that not all features from Classic are available in Forma yet, and we are continuously working on adding this to the product.

Forma projects are built on an entirely new architecture which means a different way of working with data, providing more geometric flexibility, rigging for better interoperability with other AEC tools, etc. This is the beginning of a multi-year journey to realize the vision of Autodesk's AECO platform for teams that design, build, and operate the built environment.

As you may have noticed, several analyses recently have had analysis stats added, and we are currently working on bringing this to the sun hours analysis. Read more on how to stay up to date on Autodesk Forma news here


Hilde Bakkeli
Product Manager

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