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View analysis and floor plan generator

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View analysis and floor plan generator

When we are going to get view analysis and floor plan generator to Forma? When I used Spacemaker, these were some of the most useful features of the software. I hope that you can add these to Forma soon.

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Hi! Thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate that you let us know what features you found most useful. We don't currently have the capacity to bring View analysis into Forma as we are working on other analyses this summer. We have heard from many users that they would like to see this in Forma and we will definitely consider this when we are prioritizing new features after the summer.

I will let someone else comment on the floor plan generator.


Hilde, Product Manager

Hilde Bakkeli
Product Manager
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Hi, I can answer for our development of generative features.

We do currently have some experiments underway on using the old Spacemaker logic to generate floor plans. The reason we are taking some time to explore and test new things rather than just rebuilding the old features, is that we want to make the floor plan features more customisable and give users more control over what is generated. We think this will be far better than the old Spacemaker floor plan generation, but the cost is that it does take more time to develop.



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The plan generator would be the most useful tool for our firm, I hope that it doesn't take too long for your team to implement it into Forma.

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Are there any updates about that option? I think all the old spacemaker features were great for a site analysis , I hope we will see them all back.  

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Any news on the schedule for generating floor plans?

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Could you explain what you mean by floor plan generator? What would you want to happen for us who never used spacemaker before only used forma. Thanks

Expert Elite, AU Speaker, Autodesk Certified Professional
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Spacemaker had a feature where you could define wanted apartment distribution and define target floor area. And add limitations like how many floors and area where to build etc. And just click generate. Spacemaker would make you dozens of different kind of building or buildings that would meet the criteria. And they had generated floorplans so you could see different apartments and corridors  in the floor plans and they were editable.

It was supreme in generating different kinds of ideas and masses with something to show very quickly.

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback on the usefulness of this. Unfortunately I cannot promise anything around if / when we'll build something like it, but I've spoken with the team and they agree it seems like a useful thing to bring back in some form in the future. It is not actively being worked on right now, but people requesting it (like you do know) increases the likelihood that it will be built into the new product.

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Whoa that sounds really useful!! Now I'm also looking forward for it! 

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