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Video tutorials on Help Center and YouTube!

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Video tutorials on Help Center and YouTube!

Hi everyone!

We've had many requests for more Forma video tutorials. I wanted to highlight the Video Tutorials page on our Help Center (login required) as well as our "How to" YouTube playlist (open to all). Here you will find videos demonstrating how to use Forma, starting from the basics of creating a project to more advanced workflows.


Video 1: Create a project and mange layers

Video 2: Basic design tools

Video 3: Analyze proposal and conduct a visual comparison

Video 4: Import an external model

Video 5: Place buildings in the canvas

Video 6: Run an analysis on an existing building

Video 7: Import an image

Video 8: Edit a building in 3D Sketch

Video 9: Compare proposals

Video 10: Send a proposal to Revit


This is work in progress. Are there any other topics you'd like to see a video on? Please let us know in the thread.






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Thanks! This is a great help!😊

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