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Unsupported elements in Operational energy analysis

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Unsupported elements in Operational energy analysis

I wonder that why the site boundary and vegetation elements shown me as unsupported elements in Operational energy analysis. I tried to turn off those two elements, but no luck. The energy analysis not show the result.

Thank you

Prof.Thitipat Prathansap

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FYI. I tested on new project and I found that the first default setting not work and when I change it the analysis will produces. After that I can change back to the default one and the analysis works fine.
In my existing project, I deleted the old site limits and create new one, no lucks.
Thank you

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in reply to: ThitipatP

Hi! Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. In rapid operational energy, we want to be clear about what elements are supported by the energy analysis. The screenshot is showing that site limits and tree areas are unsupported which might be distracting or overly verbose since the analysis only supports buildings. I'll bring this up with the team to see if there is a less distracting way to demonstrate which elements are supported by the analysis.


Additionally, (referencing your screenshot) there is a known issue in rapid operational energy that causes buildings placed on top of other buildings to incorrectly fail. This is an important edge case that we mean to restore support for as soon as possible. 

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Thank you, I'm glad to hear that. Hope this will be fix soon.

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