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Unrealistic Temperature

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Unrealistic Temperature

I got -20 degree and +4 degree at the same day in March Toronto. The wind is not even strong. Does anyone know how to make this more realistic? 



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Hi! I would need to look into your project to better understand what is going on in this analysis. Can you send me access through a direct message? My email is


Kind regards, Per

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We did a validation of this analysis and I can confirm that the results are realistic. Looking into the wind simulation for this proposal, we can see that the wind speed picks up close to the buildings. Also, I noticed that your model is floating in the air, I recommend placing it on the ground for more accurate results. Keep in mind that UTCI is a measurement of felt temperature. So that in this example, sun, humidity, wind, cloud cover, and solar radiation will affect the results, and can have significant local variations. You can read more about the UTCI here.


Kind regards, Per

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Welcome to Canada, where we can have several seasons the same day! 😂


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