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Units of measurement

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Units of measurement

Cant find how to change units of measurement from feets to meters

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Our team will look into this issue on Monday.
Have a great weekend!

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U2. Waiting for response, thank you!

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Units are based on where the project is created. All projects created in the US will have imperial units. At this point, there is no way to change this. Appreciate that you are reaching out and will note down your request. 

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Good afternoon!
But if the project in Mexico i need metric system, but i cant select Mexico as a region of project.

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I am sorry you are facing issues. Seems like an issue on our side. Just to make sure, are the project location in Mexico and you selected Mexico as the country during the project setup?

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 12.58.18.png

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Nós também estamos com o mesmo problema, o projeto é localizado no Brasil e assim precisamos trabalhar com unidades métricas (metric).

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Same issue here.


I know we can enter the distances in metric, which are automatically converted to the imperial system.

But it remains quite confusing (at least for me) to get an image of 6.5617 yards (19.6850 ft, 59.0551 hand or 236.2205 inch < confusing) when using measurements like 6 meters (60 dm, 600 cm or 6000 mm < clearly).


An option to easily change units would be aso nice when sharing the design. This way 'global' companies can use their metric system for their design, and american clients should be able to change the units (back) to imperial to better understand the measurements when sharing the design with them.

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