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Unable to update hub settings and delete old projects

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Unable to update hub settings and delete old projects

I find it impossible to update the hub settings -

Everytime I change them it keeps reverting to the default settings. I tried logging in and out, and using different browsers but it didn't make any difference.  

The same thing applies to deleting old projects - I couldn't find a way to delete them so I tried archiving them but they keep popping up back again on the home screen. 

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

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Hi @Omer_Barr,

Thanks for reporting this. This appeared to be a bug on our end. It should be resolved now, so if you try to update the hub settings now, it should work.  


Regarding the projects, that was also a syncing issue we had. Should also be fixed.


Let me know if you have any more issues 🙂 

Martin Nordby Johansen
Software engineer at Autodesk Forma
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in reply to: Omer_Barr

works perfectly. thanks!

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