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Transfer information to Revit not working!

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Transfer information to Revit not working!

I have been working with Forma for a few days, but have not been able to get the data to transfer successfully into Autodesk Revit 2023. I have reviewed all of the posts on the forum and the knowledge base articles I could find. Unfortunately I always get the exact same error:


"Something went wrong, the Forma team has been alerted. You may try again, or contact Forma support for further assistance. Please provide us with the following error ID: 896e29ba8280451196e1812a708f2bb4"


I tried to contact the forma team but they have not responded (that I can find).


Thank you in advance for any help, I think the terrain and context information from Forma is FAR superior to any other sources and I'd love to incorporate the software into my workflow if possible.

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Hi, sorry you're getting this error. I think a colleague reached out to you on the in-app chat. Looks like this is a new issue and seems to be affecting several people. We're investigating and will get back to you as soon as we have a solution.

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HI, I have the same issue. Do you know if there is already a solution? 

Forma Revit.png

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I did not get an answer yet. (I haven't tried the transfer in a while as I found another way to get the information I needed, although it's not as slick or nice as using Forma)


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