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The wind analysis was showing wrong colors - problem has been solved swiftly

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The wind analysis was showing wrong colors - problem has been solved swiftly

Yesterday we discovered that the colors of the wind analysis were incorrect. The colors shown in the model did not match the results of the inspection tool, and therefore did not match the color legend, leading to misleading mistranslations.


Today I was pleasantly surprised by the message that the problem had already been solved, apparently it was due to the hardware used some how. We noticed that after this fix our existing (saved) analysis were completely changed, as shown in the screenshots below.


check differences existing situation analysis 12juli en 13 september - BEFORE COLOR FIX.jpg

Analysis results: No problems found (sitting, standing, strolling, walking, WITHOUT uncomfortable areas!)


check differences new situation analysis 12juli en 13 september - AFTER COLOR FIX.jpg

(same) Analysis results: Problem areas found (sitting, standing, strolling, walking, WITH uncomfortable areas!)


When we asked whether the results were actually correct, it was confirmed that this had been checked again and that we can assume that they are now displayed correctly.


So thanks to Autodesk for solving this problem so quickly!

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Hi Antonio,


Thank you for reporting and confirming that our fix works. The issue occurred on your specific hardware. We are looking into if more users have similar hardware and have been affected. We have validated that the results with the fix are correct.


Kind regards, Per

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a big THANKS for the fast repair!

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Thank you, Antonio, for notifying this bug so quickly!

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If only i found it earlier before our deadline 😇

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