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The proposal doesn't have any building facades...

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The proposal doesn't have any building facades...

Good morning,


I try to run a daylight study on my existng site with all the existing buildings. I get "could not analyze"


Do I need to have a volume of a new building? In this case I don't have one. 



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Hi @Bogdan_Chipara

In order for us to analyze a building it either needs to belong to a proposal in Design OR it has to be marked as "Analyze building" in the Layers. In either case, you would need to have made a site limit. 


In your case, it sounds like you would like to analyze the context of your proposal. If that is the case you can go to Layers > Edit > select the buildings that you would like to analyze > Click on the "Analyze building" check box in the right panel. 


This solution will however only give you analysis results for the buildings and not the plots they are situated on. This will be more visible for the sun analysis. 


Workaround and suggestion:

However, there is a workaround that I often use when designing, which is: 

  1. Do the above-mentioned steps for the immediate surrounding buildings around your site.
  2. Delete the buildings inside your site limit.
  3. Go to Design and import the buildings inside the site limit as "your buildings" 
  4. Rename the proposal to something like "Existing situation". 
  5. Select the buildings > right click > "split into stories"
    1. This will split the volume of the building into stories of 3m and you will see that the area metrics will update
  6. Go to Analyze to see the results
    1. This will separate the stats given into a bucket that is called Facade, Site, and Surrounding building



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