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Testfit integration

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Testfit integration



I'm curious about upcoming plugin integrations - specifically Testfit. Are there plans to further integrate Testfit functions into Forma? For example, integrating Testfit's different building presets and industrial feasibility testing functions?


Forma being open to improving workflow across different software is amazing, so would just like to better understand the next steps.



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We are in touch with TestFit team and discussing this possibility -As we have bunch of APIs that could make this possible it will probably come down to how much end user interest would there be in the solution.
As in open platform - It really depends on the solution creator to evaluate the risk and opporunity before making the investment. On our side it's about supporting them in doing so 🙂 

You could help us and TestFit by sharing which exact capabilities would you like to see? What is a benefit for you, as end user to have TestFit in Forma instead of Standalone application?

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Thanks for getting back to me! Something that has been useful to my team is the preset function and the flexibility in parking layouts.

My firm focuses on logistics and retail/wholesale architecture, so often our main goal during feasibility testing is to provide our client numbers and space usage optimizations (e.g. docks, site elements like ponds and varied parking spaces, no-build zones/setbacks, etc.).

After getting a few options for conceptual layouts, we would then utilize software such as Forma to produce preliminary building performance analyses, and then weigh each option from both perspectives.

Essentially, the first step would be in Testfit, then the second step would be in Forma.

Another advantage is the Testfit parking feature, which only works to a certain extent in Forma. A consideration is the ability to add types of parking stalls (e.g. standard ADA, ADA vans, EV parking, etc.), as well as control and customize circulation and stalls (e.g. manually draw road paths and delete unwanted stalls). Further down the road, a bigger challenge is lining up parking with fire zoning requirements.

Of course, I'm speaking from a personal perspective, but I feel that more specific feedback may be more useful to you and the development team. We're also still in the exploration phases for both software, so we're still learning more every day about each software.

I'd love to share more ideas and thoughts if you're interested, but am looking forward to any and all future upgrades to Forma!

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