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Spacemaker community event Netherlands - Apartment Mix

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Spacemaker community event Netherlands - Apartment Mix

Last week we hosted a commmunity event in the Netherlands. The event was an opportunity for us to listen to you - our users - and get important feedback that will inform our planning. During the event we split into seperate roundtables, and I have the fortune of hosting the "Apartment mix" topic.
We had some excellent, wide-ranging, discussions and I want to thank everyone who participated in the day. Below are some of the topics and ideas that came up on our table - we would now like to open this up to any further ideas and discussion. 
  • The program/mix is defined by the real estate developer (eg. 1/3 social housing, 1/3 mid-rent, 1/3 selling). The number of units is calculated based on ratios.
  • The architects, however, solve the apartment layout even in the early stage.
  • There is a new regulation on the renting market specifying exactly the are for each typology of the apartment. Thus, the level of accuracy and standardization is increasing. 
  • The number of apartments is relevant not only for the business model but also to verify compliance with the car parking regulation which is tied to the number of apartments.
  • Repetition of layouts allows for efficiency and affordability. The developers try to repeat 70-80% of their typologies across multiple projects, while the architects do it more on a project basis.
  • The requirement for more detailed apartment layouts and facades in the early stage is growing as more regulation related to daylight factors is emerging.
  • Noise and daylight consultants want to contribute and collaborate earlier in the project phase because most of the premises for their disciplines are defined at the early stage. 
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