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Site map size limitations

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Site map size limitations

I'm wondering if it's possible to extend the limitation of the map displayed at the project startup. Is it feasible to expand this through any settings, or is it a limitation within the system?

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Hi Niklas, yes that is right, we do have a limitation of just under 2 x 2 km^2 of map area. There are multiple technical reasons for that. The main challenge is to be able to support larger terrain models because in order to increase the terrain area without a loss of precision, we quickly run into various performance issues with rendering and design tools and so on. 
Could you perhaps elaborate on the specific need for larger area? Are you looking into modelling larger projects or do you simply want to see more context around your project? 
Cheers, Håkon

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Yep. I attempted to incorporate an area related to the development of an entirely new district, but the constraint proved was too narrow. Currently, I primarily planning use forma to facilitate the transfer of land surfaces into Revit, to evaluate this functionality and usability in the later stages of the planning process.

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