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Several Analysis not supporting 3D Sketched Geometry or even Trees within Forma?

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Several Analysis not supporting 3D Sketched Geometry or even Trees within Forma?

Hello Autodesk Forum,


I recently submitted an entry for the Autodesk Forma Design Competition, and I'm a bit confused as to why several analyses are failing to run, specifically Wind, Noise, and Operational Energy. Initially, I thought it might be related to the 3D sketched building geometry, especially since I received an error message indicating that information. To test this theory, I created another building of the same size but with a more rectangular shape, to see if the sketch was the root of the problem. However, when I ran the analysis again on the new proposal, it continued to fail.


Also it seems that Autodesk Forma's Vegetation for native trees are causing wind analysis to fail at times, as the error message says they are not valid geometry to be analyzed.


I would appreciate any insights or suggestions you might have to help me resolve these issues. Feel free to chime in, and let me know what other challenges you think might be at play.


Thank you,

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Thank you for reaching out! Are you working with rapid or detailed analyses? To inspect why your analyses are failing, we would need to look at your project. Could you send the URL to the proposal where the analysis fails? 


Kind regards, Per 

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in reply to: melizardo

Detailed Analysis. Sure happy to provide you with the link. What's the best way to share the link to it? Is it as simple as copying the url?

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Hi again. Yes! Just copy the URL and send it in a direct message. 


Kind regards, Per

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Same issues here. Wil also send an invite for the contest model with these issues.

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Hi again,


We have had a chanche to look at your proposal now, and will clarify per analysis:


- Noise, for the noise analysis we identified a bug that should have been resolved now. If you try to run it again, it should work.

- Wind, I can see that you have managed to run the wind analysis, is there still an issue here? What you are saying about vegetation could be that the analysis was to complex with the complexity of the project and a lot of vegetation. 

- Rapid operational energy, some of the buildings in your proposal are to complex for the energy analysis to give you a good result, you would have to work on simpler forms for it to run.


Kind regards, Per

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in reply to: melizardo

Same here but sounds like you've resolved these. I couldn't get Conceptual Energy to work on 3D sketch geometry, IF the geometry was complex in any way, even a slight angle. It would work if the buildings stayed rectilinear/90deg.

Digital Practice Leader

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in reply to: melizardo

Thanks, Per,

Great to hear about the Noise Analysis will rerun and verify. 


I appreciate you looking into this and providing insights. For the Detailed Wind Analysis, I ended up removing all the trees from my proposals. Instead, I created green planar surfaces to represent green spaces. While I recognize that trees would have a substantial impact on outdoor comfort and slowing down wind speeds at street level, my primary interest was to examine the bigger picture. Specifically, I wanted to see how the shape of my building could protect or deflect winds to avoid the Venturi effect.


For Operational Energy, I designed a second proposal with simple geometry that uses the line-building function in Forma and it still won't analyze for operational energy. In my proposal, it is called Square Design. 




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Thank you for your feedback. We are currently working on support for more complex building types, including 3D sketch, and we plan to roll this out this week. 

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I am facing the same issue and getting following error, it was working perfectly yesterday.

The proposal contains geometry that is very far away from the site (more than 100.000 km). Please remove this geometry before running the analysis.

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Please see this post for proposed solution to resolve the issue with geometry very far away:


Hilde Bakkeli
Product Manager

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