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San Francisco - Prop K Shade Study

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San Francisco - Prop K Shade Study

Has anyone done a shade study using Forma to create a Proposition K Shade Study suitable for San Francisco planning dept.  I've been able to do the analysis for specific dates but don't know workflow as to how to get cumulative results for the June 21st to December 21st range. 

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I'd love to try to help you. I'm trying to decipher the required needs of this study, and as I have never done a Prop K Shade Study for San Fransisco I may get some things wrong, but I figured I'd throw this out there and perhaps we can together discuss the best workflow for achieving this. 


From what I understand of the Prop K from here:, you need to do a shadow study where you show before and after of nearby parks affected by your project, and you need to do so cumulatively for half of the year.


Do you have an example Prop K shadow study I could look at to better understand what the expected deliverable is for this study? I am fairly confident Forma may have "all the parts" to help you do a study like this, but I don't think any of the analyses are specifically set up to do it out of the box. 


Have you tried the extension "Shadow Study" that gives you hour by hour  (or shorter intervals) over a day?

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Thanks for responding. Yes this is exactly the requirement. We need to submit a Absolute Cumulative Limit (ACL) plan or calculation. We've done a Ground shadow study using Forma's sun hours tool for key dates (June 21st to December 21st) but I don't know how to get all dates between to run cumulatively.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Would you need to quantify this in terms of sq.ft in shadow over X amount of time in anyway? Or is it purely a visual representation that's needed for this?


Do you have an example of a finished study like the one you need to do that I can look at? (I'm a visual learner kind of guy haha)

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