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Research on AI generated urban design

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Research on AI generated urban design



My name is Nora and I am an Msc student in Urban Design and City Planning at the Bartlett School of Planning (UCL). 


As part of my masters, I am working towards a Major Research Project and my topic is ‘Assessing the Effectiveness of AI-generated Urban Design: A Comparative Study between Human-Centric and AI-generated responses.’

In short, I am planning to take a recently-realised project in east London, conduct some design exercises on it and basically make it “the best version of itself”. Simultaneously, I will be using an AI generative software that will create a design response based on the exact same brief and principles I have used for the design exercise, allowing me to compare the two final results (of course after multiple rounds of amendments and specifications). 

During my research, I came across Spacemaker AI as a potential software to use, and I read several articles and papers about it and watched all the tutorials of it. As the research proceeded, Spacemaker (now autodesk Forma) became quite a significant component of my research mainly due to the ‘explore’ function which provided AI generated design responses. Recently, while downloading the student version through the autodesk website, I learned that the AI generated features were cut out during the re-branding of the program, and they can no longer be used.


I understand that Forma is constantly being developed and improved, and that the explore feature was only available in classic projects and not the Forma ones. 


Nevertheless, I wished to contact you and ask if there is a way to receive temporary access (for academic research only) to the original version of Spacemaker which includes the explore feature. My research is highly dependent on that, and similar topics have not yet been explored in my department. 

I am more than happy to send you my full research proposal with a detailed explanation of my methodology, objectives etc. 

Again, this is strictly for research purposes, and will highly benefit my thesis and overall interest of the Bartlett School of Planning in AI technology and urban design.  




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Hi Nora!

Unfortunately, we are not providing access to the Classic version at this point.

I see that you have singed up for our mailing list on our development of generative design assistance features, are you planning to addend the session we invited to earlier this week? It would be great to get your input on whether our current prototypes seem able to cater to your needs, or what it would take for them to do so. Providing early access to prototypes does not pose us the same difficulties that Classic access does.


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