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Regarding export from Rhino to Spacemaker/Forma

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Regarding export from Rhino to Spacemaker/Forma

Hi all,

I just saw this guide on the following link: 

But when we try to do the same export, then we don't get the opportunity to check of the same boxes (see attached screenshot)

Do someone know what the issue might be? 

Thank you in advance! 

Best regards

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Hey there! 

I believe it might be a a matter of the versioning of Rhino. 
Are you creating a classic or standard projects? 
I believe that given the current version of Forma this setting is not relevant anymore - If you encounter some problems could you elaborate on what they are? 

On a sidenote - We are now experimenting with very early versionof  a Rhino Plugin. Would you perhaps be interested in trying out that experimental integration? 🙂 

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Hi Krzysztop, 

Thanks for replying! 🙂 

We recieved the project from a customer - they have no issues with importing the OBJ file, which is not exported as the guide says, but it seems like Forma won't make a wind analysis on the model. 

When creating buildings inside Forma it has no issues, it's only on the imported model they have issues..
Do you have any ideas what it might be? 

Could the plugin perhaps solve this, if yes, then we would love to test it out! 


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The plugin would not solve the problem then as it is something you use directly within Rhino. 
Could be a number of things to be honest!
First thing to troubleshoot it would be sharing a screenshot or even better - Both screenshot and the file! 🙂 
Would that be possible?

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Hi Krzysztof

I've sent you a privat message 🙂

Looking forward to hear from you! 

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Hey Krzysztof, I would also be very interested in experimenting/beta testing a Rhino connector if possible. Please let me know what you'd need from me for this to happen!

Thank you,

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