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Rapid wind analysis

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Rapid wind analysis



I would like to achieve the technical documentation of the technology behind rapid wind analysis. However, the link in the end of this page is not


Last, through the api, is it possible to export numerical results of both predicted and simulated wind analysis?

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Hi, and thanks for notifying us of that dead link! It should be fixed now.

Predictive Rapid Wind results are available through the extension development SDK (under 'predictive-analysis'). These are the raw results, which may or may not fit your purposes. If you have something specific you want to achieve I could put you in contact with the team working on APIs/extensions to get some expert input?


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Thank you for your reply, I would like to achive wind speed values for corresponding x and y coordinates at pedestrian level height (e.g. 1.8 m). I need this because without numerical data I cannot compare the output with wind tunnel studies. The existing output from the GUI is only an image file and I know I can somehow achieve numarical data over API but I really dont know how. So, I am open to advices, thank you again.

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Any advice?


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Hi Ilker.


As mentioned above we have exposed some capabilities of performing wind comfort predictions from extensions, but I don't believe that is what you are looking for. 

Wind speed results are currently not exposed through any API.
We are currently looking into exposing more analysis results through APIs, but I'm unable to give any insight into when that will be available, or which analyses will be exposed first.


But it would be interesting to me to hear if you have any specific formats you'd prefer? Or other information that would help us shape how those APIs look like?


Håkon Matland
Principal Software Engineer
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I would prefer air velocity values in m/s format for every grid points.
Thank you for taking into account. Btw, I would like to learn more about
how rapid analysis validated over CFD. Was the comparison based on image
processing technics like Structural Similarity Index, Mean Square Error
etc.? Or, was it based on numerical data?

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