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" You've uploaded an empty OBJ file." - but the obj is not empty

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" You've uploaded an empty OBJ file." - but the obj is not empty



I keep getting this issue again and again, even though there are several meshes inside the OBJ.

I attached a few files in the zip. Even though the geometry is the same, some files get imported some not;


In the New Gen type of project imports dont work at all; maybe because the unit selection is missing?


Would be good to have a test on those files, thank you.

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A couple thoughts:

Make sure there are no special characters. I don't think the "-" counts as a special character in your file name, but maybe try removing it and uploading.

Check the file path. Make sure the OBJ file is saved in a location that spacemaker can access it.

Not with spacemaker, but I've had problems in the past where my internet connection drops halfway through the upload, starts again, stops. 

Are you using the correct OBJ format? Wavefront vs. Relocatable (I'm assuming you used wavefront but just trying to put all the thoughts out there)


Your files appear to be ok, nothing was corrupt.

Digital Practice Leader

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Quite sure that is none of what you mention. Better check the archive.

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Our product team will look into this issue. Thank you for reaching out!

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Hi. The reason the two files "23-02-27-bc Montoyer AND Science.obj" and "23-02-27-bc Montoyer AND Science v2.obj" don't work in classic projects is that they use NURBS objects. Unfortunately, we don't support this in classic projects. See 4.2 on for how to export OBJ files from Rhino with geometry that we do support.


In next gen we do support unit selection, but there's still some room for improvements on how it looks when you import a file that uses a different unit than meters, so it may look like it doesn't work at all. What you have to do is click on the three dots on the model in library after it has imported and select "Unit and vertical axis" as briefly shown at the bottom of this page Then select that the model has unit millimeter, and it will update in library after a couple of seconds and then you can drag it into the scene.


Also note that in next gen, we default OBJ imports to use the Y axis as the vertical axis, so you have to change that in the same dialog, or select "Map Rhino Z to OBJ Y" in Rhino.

Trygve Aaberge
Software Engineer
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"they use NURBS objects." - indeed there is one NURBS curve in them, I found it!

But the dialog is confusing. It should say "Cannot import NURBS geometry". Or even better "Skip NURBS geometry"


Next Gen does need improvement. Selecting the correct units should happen at the begining as in the Classic version. Otherwise, again, things get confusing.



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Thank you for the feedback Bogdan. I will add it to our system. It is really important that you keep it coming so that we can understand how to improve our software.

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