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Q4A, deleted of missing spacemaker features?

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Q4A, deleted of missing spacemaker features?

[couldn't select another board from the 'slect board' list, so maybe it's put in the wrong category]


Q4A about wind analysis (current demo version):


  1. Only RAPID wind analysis are available?
    is this due to my current demo version?
  2. How to change the 'comfort scale' BEFORE starting an analysis so it wil be possible to compare other windscales beside Lawson LDDC.
  3. Would be nice to have the same analysis features in the comparison mode. change windscale, streamline opacity, streamline height, comfort/direction, etc?
  4. Saving 'images with graphics' from the comparison window, it only shows result in 'Lawson LDDC', how to change scale to NEN8100 (again) !?
  5. When comparing windcomfort, it seems not possible since it only shows results for the winddirection!?
    So one has to switch back and forth between proposals to compare in detail and to be able to save (hopefully)  the same views for the different proposals.

I'm sure more questions will come up while using the program, but for now i hope to find answers for these questions...

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Hi! Answering your questions one by one here.


  1. Today, we support three different rapid analyses. Wind, Noise, and Operational Energy. You have access to all three of these
  2. You can change the wind comfort scale after running the analysis while comparing in the right-hand side menu.
  3. You have to open the right-hand side panel to see the same analysis features in comparison mode. 
  4. Same as 2 and 3.
  5. Same as 2 and 3.

I hope this helps!


Kind regards, Per

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Thank you for your answers, i will look into them.

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Hi Per,


Just an aditional question about the windscales.

How can i check/change  which windscale is presented/used in the comparison?

As mentioned it looks like it shows the Lawson LDDC windsdcale where we would like to compare the NEN8100 windscale?



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You have to open the right-hand side menu in Compare, there you will find the same settings.


Kind regards, Per

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Wow, that right-hand side menu was very well hidden!

Thanks for poiting it out to me (us) 🙂

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