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Property boundaries not showing up

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Property boundaries not showing up



I used to take out property boundaries from all over Brussels ... now it's not working anymore. 

Have you changed anything?  No 3D buildings also.




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Hi Bogdan. Please could you let us:


  1. Was this during the project setup?
  2. Could you try again and see if the issues persist? 
  3. Are you not able to complete the setup project because of this issue?
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Hi @daniel.silva.gameiro ,

1 Yes this is during project setup

2 Yes I tried also yesterday, same issue

3 I have to skip fetching the boundaries. Than I get only the terrain without existing buildings and without boundaries.

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Hi @Bogdan_Chipara, I would like to help you, but it seems like this is an issue that requires a closer look into the project. I will DM you, and ask for some more information.

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Hi @Bogdan_Chipara ,


Unfortunately the Belgium Site Boundaries Provider has changed their service, meaning that it is no longer supported in Spacemaker. You can read more about this change in this page.

We have also checked the buildings order you have made in your project and it looks like your project should have access to this data. Can you go to your project and click in edit, under layers, to check if the buildings show up in your canvas?


Let me know how else I can help.





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"no longer supported" - this is quite dissapointting, since many of our projects are in Brussels. Can you talk again with the provider and adjust to their format? Or, get stuff from another source, such Openstreetmap ? or ?


I checked the building layers as you suggested. I dont get data for heights or number of levels.


I guess that now, if I want to run some analysis I have to upload the surroundings myself.




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I can see how this is disappointing to you. While we are continuously working on enabling providers to serve their contextual data directly in Spacemaker, I can offer a few alternative solutions that will allow you to implement your projects property boundaries to solve your needs today:
  1. If you can source property boundaries directly, from OSM, or from this provider, you will be able to import them into Spacemaker by importing either georeferenced DXFs, or any of the other vector formats we support: DXF, JSON, GEOJSON, GML, Shapefile (.shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj zipped)
  2. If you are unable to source property boundaries for your site, you can draw them manually using our design tools in Layers. If you have a screenshot from a map, you can even add this as an overlay to trace over. Here are some helpful videos.

Buildings data for Belgium is fetched from Open Street Map (OSM). Since it is dependent on contributors, the coverage and quality varies across the world. Most buildings in Open Street Map lack heights. For these buildings, Spacemaker sets a default height of 3 meters. You can read more about how we provide data in this page.

Two possible solutions to this that you can follow today:

      1. Manually set these heights in the project by going into edit mode. Here is an article that explains how to edit surrounding buildings. User tip: A trick we hear a lot of users in areas of poor data availability do is to approximate height of surrounding buildings by referencing google maps in a separate window and count floors.

      2. Import your own surrounding buildings. Here is a helpful article on how to do that.


Is there anything else I can assist you with?
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Yes, well I already started to add max height for the footprints coming from Openstreetmap, based on UrbIs. 

It takes a lot of time. Also, what happens is that buildings get constantly demolished and rebuilt and adjusted. Because of this it would be good to have Spacemaker connected to a database that updates constantly.

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Hi Rita,


Oh no! That is painful!


I'm part of the sales team, currently working on some opportunities in both Belgium and France and I can assure you. This might be a big issue for Spacemaker in the coming months, for the Benelux region (I assume it's the same thing for both Netherlands and Luxembourg?). Even if Belgium is not considered as a targeted countries, in terms of business development approach and renewals this could jeopardize lots of deals...

I really think that architects can make an effort to source property boundaries since they can very be techie, whereas real estate developers are not always willing to roll up their sleeves and have a more technical approach. They basically need more time to understand the platform. So in a demo or during an activation process, if they see that the property boundaries do not appear, it can be very tense to convey a positive image of the platform. We just had a meeting today and that was a problem because the parcels were not designed.

Let me know if I can help you translating some documents in French...




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I'm working on a site in Sweden. Is there a similar problem with the provider here as in Belgium? I can download the terrain, but cant access the property boundaries. 

Also, some of the exiting houses are shown in the model, but most of them where not proveded. Why is that?


Kind regards, 


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Hello Ella, 

We currently have an issue with the property boundaries in Sweden that we receive from Läntmateriet. We are actively working on resolving this. I will be sure to keep you updated on our progress. Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Product Manager in the World Data team

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Thank you for the reply! 🙂 

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Hey Ella,

Great news, we have solved the issue and the property boundaries in Sweden are back up and running. Have a wonderful day!

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