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Project Geospatilly incorrect when brought into Revit

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Project Geospatilly incorrect when brought into Revit

When I load a proposal into Revit its not in the correct place Geospatially. Is there a way to rectify this? Please ๐Ÿ™‚

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in reply to: sgalswort

We understand there are discrepancies between a geolocated Revit project and a geolocated Forma project and we are actively working to improve this situation.


In the meantime, here is our current guidance, which can be found at:




Location and Georeferencing


Forma geolocation will overwrite any location data in the Revit file. The add-in will create a new Project Base Point in the Revit project matching the georeferenced system of the Forma project, using the UTM coordinate system.


Using Existing Georeferenced Revit Data


If there is an existing Revit project that you don't want to overwrite with location data, but want to analyze the model in Forma, we recommend the following workflow. Create a new Revit project, Load the Forma Proposal into it, then Link and Bind the Revit file into it. You can now use the Update Proposal functionality to send specific Revit data to Forma, make changes to the Revit data, and iterate.




Hopefully this information is helpful and we look forward to improving this experience in the future.

-Heather from Forma

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in reply to: sgalswort

Given the above information from Heather, if you are just bringing the data from Forma into an empty Revit project, the geometry should be correctly located at that point.  If you are seeing it incorrectly located in that instance, then we will need further information about what you are expecting to see, what you are actually seeing, and will probably need to look at your particular Forma proposal.


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