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Product development - Import native FormIt AXM with georeferencing

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Product development - Import native FormIt AXM with georeferencing

As there is no "Forma Ideas" Forum, I am submitting this feature request in the main Forum.

As both Forma and FormIT are conceptual modelling tools, having the possibility to import a native FormIt AXM model with the associated levels and location information would be interesting workflow.

Currently the Basic Building model feature in Forma resembles the workflow for a volumetric study with levels in Formit. Not having to remodel a study model in Forma would be a time saver.


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Hi Luc,


You might already know this, but we do support dragging and dropping FormIt AXM models directly into 3D Sketch


However, location is discarded as the Forma project already has a location.


Levels are also discarded, because dropping an AXM is treated just like an import is in FormIt, so it goes into its own containing group and levels can only be applied to a top-level object, not a nested one.


So you'll need to do the following in 3D Sketch:

  • Ungroup the import container/instance, select the building
  • Add floors

Floors in Forma 3D Sketch act a bit differently than FormIt anyway, so reapplication is probably best. For example, the floor heights specified in Forma will be relative to the bottom of the selected building, not relative to the global Z=0 as they are in Formit.


Hope this helps!


Josh Goldstein
Product Lead
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Yes I was aware of the 3d sketch mode drag and drop import method, but I am proposing an alternate workflow that starts in FormIt, the gets passed into Forma for the site and context analysis.


It could be a third building creating option or library import function which ideally would not discard level and location information in the FormIt model but leverage it to facilitate the placement in the Forma project. This would always create a new instance in the Forma option being studied.


I understand that Forma would have to do two additional things that the drag and drop 3d sketch methode doesn't do:

1. Convert the FormIt location data (WGS84) to one of the georeferencing coordinate systems recognized by Forma (ie when importing OBJ in the library)
2. Convert the height information of the levels from the FormIt file in a new building placement so that there is no existing level information.

I understand there would still need to be a validation process to ensure the geometry conversion is watertight and to assign functions to the levels in the imported Forma building.


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