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Presenting multiple proposals

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Presenting multiple proposals

Forma doesn't allow me to add an area large enough for the total project land area I need. So, I have created several proposals that are smaller. Is there a way to import other proposal into one file to present them together, so that they orient in the correct geographic location. If so, how do I achieve this?



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Hi @jewingN7M6Y,
How big do you need it be? 
Meanwhile, here is a workaround: hide all the not relevant layers and download the solution as .obj.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 10.27.43.png 

After that import the solutions through the library menu.

Best regards,

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Thornton Trail Field Survey Progress Map.jpg

So, I am conducting field survey for the trail network across an entire city. This graphic only shows the smallest planning area. I have to survey what trail amenities are existing and my other two objectives are to identify opportunities for trail experience enhancement through design or new connections, and to create a useable map for residents and users. I would like to create my proposal of this to the city using AutoDesk Forma, Revit and maybe even Navisworks or other Autodesk software,


Since Forma doesn't allow for larger areas to start from, I must find a way to stitch several zones together. Any leads toward this end would be most appreciated.


Cheers, Jay

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Are you saying to import through library menu in Forma?
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Hi Jay,

The map area (the whole 3D environment) can be 2x2km (1.54 squared miles) maximum. Does that work for you?

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I think that only covers about 25 percent of the area that I need to
present. But, I'll just have to present multiple proposals. I think I have
about 6 sections that meet that criteria because the city is not all in a
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There is no workaround for such a big area at this time. You will need to have 4 different projects.

Best regards,

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Thank you for helping me to figure this out. Cheers.

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